Zine Meet 2017.03 with PIXIN

When: Saturday, 22 Jul 2017, 10:30am to 1:00pm
Where: *SCAPE Media Hub, Level 5 (map)

We are back with the third zine workshop headed by artist PIXIN! Read the info, register and participate!

IMPORTANT - Please read all the info at http://bit.ly/oiczine1703 - before you register.>

*UPCOMING* Zine Meet #3
Day/time: 22/July, Saturday, 1030am-1230pm
Venue: *SCAPEmedia Hub, Level 5. (2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978)
Guiding keywords: Black-&-White, Collage, Documentation.

S$15 per pax for 1st timers
S$10 per pax for returning participants


ABOUT ZINE MEET: where both artists and non-artists* gather to make something together.

This is a fun workshop to make Zines! Read the info, register and participate!

RSVP for artists
Limited to 30 artists. 12 seats still available.

If you have not registered online before, please fill up this form first. Otherwise, you can just RSVP below.

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RSVP list

18 said yes:

  • Chan Shu Yin: Hi! Shucolat here! Looking forward to the Zine Meet!
  • HYUN JIN YOO: Hello, it will be my first time participating.
  • Ashna Shiji Anshad
  • wenlin tan: Yeah@
  • Stephanie Raphaela Ho: Hello, Muffinsaurs here.
  • Yvonne Soh
  • Audrey Guek Yan
  • Yen Tinghui
  • Chin Yulin
  • Celine Low
  • Wong YiTing
  • Sabrina Iskandar: Hello !
  • Bianchi Dy: This is my first time going to a zine meet up, so I'm pretty excited!
  • Yik Chun
  • Lan-Ting Hsueh: Hi! Its Zineeeeeee time!
  • Noelle: Hi! I'm new here, nice to meet you all!
  • Hazel Angeli Lapastora: It's my first zine meet. Can't wait!
  • Lin: will the zine be provided for us or do we have to bring our own sketchbook?

1 said no:

  • Damien Thomasz: Too bad it clashes with another workshop I already signup for. Have fun all.