Portraits After Dark: Friday 13 Jan 2017

Poster illustration contributed by our past participating artist Asia Soenargo ( https://www.behance.net/asoenargo )

Draw with the flow at National Gallery 2016

Ever wondered what it would be like to collaborate with an illustrator on a drawing? Last weekend, as part of the first anniversary of The National Gallery Singapore, we had an amazing time making drawings with the Museum goers : a one-of-a-kind experience!

Portraits After Dark: Friday 2 DEC 2016

Poster illustration contributed by our past participating artist – Yik Chun  ( http://cargocollective.com/yikchun )

IAF Poster Highlights #05 : Interview with TYC

The crazy-fun IAF weekend is over ! But the Illustration events continue this week with the Singapore Writers Festival. We hope last weekend was fun for everyone who attended- vendors, guests, speakers,sponsors and organisers : Thank you for making this possible !  We continue the IAF Poster highlights with an Interview with TYC or Tell Your Children, a local studio of four rebellious creators – Deon ,

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Illustration Arts Fest 2016 – 2nd weekend at SWF ( Singapore Writers Festival )

Festival Poster by Anngee Neo
The Illustration Arts Fest’s 2nd weekend – 4 to 6 November!

04-06 Nov
Venue: Singapore Writers Festival
Tickets purchase at https://www.singaporewritersfestival.com/

Portraits After Dark: Friday 4 NOV 2016

Poster illustration contributed by our past participating artist – Ken Lee
We are still celebrating our 10th ANNIVERSARY MONTH!!! 2nd leg of our “Illustration Arts Fest 2016” will end this weekend! Don’t miss it!!
More info on website –  ( Scroll down to bottom for the 2nd week programme )

IAF Poster Highlights #04 : Interview with Teresa Lim

We’re a few hours away from IAF 2016, and today’s highlight is Teresa Lim ! ( Also known as Teeteeheehee )
Teresa is an OIC regular and multi-talented Illustrator. A LASALLE College of the Arts graduate, Teresa’s combination of skills in pattern design, embroidery and Illustration mixed with creative ideas and serious hard work has made her a creative powerhouse in our industry with over 62,000 followers on Instagram.

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IAF Poster Highlights #03 : Interview with Chris Chai

Christopher Chai  is a graduate with a BFA in Illustration from the School Of Visual Arts. Known across the land for his intense line work and patience. Since graduating he’s been working with local powerhouse – Kult, but now he’s gone full ronin in pursuit of perfect balance of black strokes and negative space.

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IAF Poster Highlights #02 : Interview with Esther Goh

Today’s Poster and Illustrator interview is the with very talented and award winning Esther Goh ! Esther has been making waves in the Illustration scene since transitioning into a independent Illustrator – we’ve been huge fans since. Her work on the Lien Foundation Annual Report with Agency Couple, was a stunning piece of comic art and a beautiful project with narratives that could only be brought to life

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IAF Poster Highlights #01 : Interview with Adeline Tan

The Singapore Illustration Arts Fest is coming up in about a week – get your tickets ! Leading up to the event, we will interview a lineup of awesome Illustrators who will be present at the event – Featuring the posters they have done ! (We are really proud of these )