iPad vs Wacom Intuos vs Cintiq

Having recently embarked on the portable eletronic artpad quest- I found the following article quite insightful.
Rich Hauck’s Blog » Blog Archive » Apple iPad vs. Wacom Cintiq

picture from Rich Hauck’s Blog
ipad vs Wacom vs Cintiq

My conclusion-
IF I am at my desk – save money stick with the Wacom ( even the Intuos 3 is plenty good already.) Personally- I don’t feel the need to buy a Cintiq.
IF I am on the move- the iPad is nice- but its still alot to get use to and the Pogo stylus is not as responsive as my fingers. I use the stylus mainly for erasing/ sculpting of patches I have laid down with my fingers.
There is always this fear of the Pogo’s aluminium barrel scraping the iPad screen. And the random markings that mars your workflow when your palm decides to draw too (solution is to wear gloves! )