OIC 4th Anniversary roll-call

Deadline has been extended to 9th August 2010 2359hrs. If you want to submit more entries- you are most welcome to do so- we will pick the best entries. Please follow the instructions- don’t sent us file attachments! Use download links.

We have received many entries! Thanks for the overwhelming response! ( Added – 2nd August 2010 )

Calling all drawers, doodlers, hobbyists and illustrators in Singapore- pls sign up and participate!!

( Listed above are some examples as samples only )

We are stepping up the gears to celebrate our 4th Anniversary by kick starting an exciting project and roll-call.

If you love illustrating- we want to know you!!

Submit your artwork and be seen in this NEW OICsingapore’s latest project to make Singapore based illustrators seen and heard!!
This new platform will be scheduled for launch very close to our anniversary on 18th Oct 2010. More info coming soon.

About the new platform:

We will feature the artwork of as many good/ upcoming/ interesting illustrators as we can find in this roll-call

Each artwork will also feature links to the artists website and some useful info about the illustrators.

This new platform is an on going exercise and will provide many hits and publicity when launched.

How to take part:

Register you name and info here to take part: http://www.oicsingapore.com/event-rsvp.php?id=12

Direct link for registration if you are totally new to OIC: http://www.oicsingapore.com/event-reg.php?id=12

Download the zipped folder below and follow the instructions. Please post questions in the comments section and we will revert asap.

http://oicsingapore.com/project/OIC_artistName_rev0709.zip Apologies for inconvenience caused ( updated 2010/07/12 )

Minimum requirements:

  1. This call for entries is open to all budding students/ hobbyist/ professional illustrators residing and practicing in Singapore.
  2. No age limit.
  3. You can submit maximum 3 entries per artist based on any combination of the listed themes.
    Theme: Cute/ Fashion/ Action/ Surreal/ Cityscape/ Futuristic/ Others ( Pick a theme for each artwork ) You can submit as many as you want- we will pick the best 3 for now. That said we will try to showcase as many good artwork as we can.
  4. New Artwork preferred.
  5. Artwork must be submitted as instructed and in the stated formats and sizes. Read the instructions.
    We need to include 1 more size- 1024 x 1024 pixels. Template has been updated . Export your art was OPTIMIZED for web ( See this tutorial if you are not sure- http://inobscuro.com/tutorials/read/35/ ) .
    Recommend web sizes for the 3 jpgs at 72dpi  – ( small – less than 120k/  mid – less than 500k / big – less than 600k )
  6. Its is a good practice to make sure your original artwork is at least A3 size at 300dpi in case we manage to secure a space to do an exhibition to feature your work. ( added 2010/07/07 )
  7. Each artist must have a proper dedicated folio blog/ website of illustrated works ( tumblr/ blogger or wordpress or a website. No Deviant gallery please.) with contact info ( email address / hp number etc )
  8. Only selected works will be featured on our final “project” based on careful evaluation by OIC’s selection panel to ensure quality control.  This clause is only added to assure participants we hope to uphold quality and good work.
  9. Closing date is 31st July 2010 2359hrs
  10. We are dropping the GREY bar and please keep your text to 1 LINE. ( added 2010/07/09 )
  11. Email your artwork DOWNLOAD links/ url to ( updated 2010/07/12 ) :
    mailto: “for4th@oicsingapore.com”
    subject: ” OIC RollCall 2010 ”

Thanks for taking part in this project.
Please spread the word and the good drawing vibes. Retweet and blog about this like mad :)!! thanks ( Updated 2010/07/04 )