SilkAir Explorers

Got a travel story to share? Do just that and stand a chance to win one year’s worth of air tickets to travel around exotic Asian destinations for one full year. Create your travel journal on SilkAir Explorers and you could be on your way to a journey of a lifetime. What’s not to love about that? Here’s the link:
Join the contest & vote for each other too!

Kuanth, Sok Kuan, and Don’s work have been used by SilkAir to promote the event. See also one of the journals blown up to life size!!
SilkAir Explorer made life size
Or better yet, come and support us & spread the love!

Here are the dates:
• 10 -12 Sep: Marina Square, Marina Court (Kochi)
• 22-26 Sep: Vivo City, East Court (Kochi & Kathmandu)
• 7-8 Oct: Chevron House, Column Space (Kathmandu)