OOH Open House – call for entries

OOH Open House

OIC is proud to announce a mini art show in collaboration with A Curious Teepee– a tribute to the Bienalle’s theme of “Open House”.

We are looking for amazing illustrators who serves up fresh and tasty works. Share with us art that has savory wit, saccharin sweet using vivid palettes, generously sprinkled it with happiness and positivity!
We will be waiting with baited breath for your submissions.
Its a great way to kickstart of the awesome year that will be 2011!

Theme : “Open House”

let your artwork breathe wholesome goodness.
Anything witty, fun and happy and dare we even say a little bit of kitsch!

Lets Not:
Look back into the deep abyss we call the dark side.
Not let those tormented souls and offensive religious art of any form be at this playground.

Size and Specifications:

210mm x 210mm – SQUARE FORMAT
Natural media and non-digital preferred
No sculpture or any 3D artwork please!
We love your drawings!


Email preview jpg for curation by 10th Feb 2011, 2359 hrs

Final artwork delivery by 14 February 2011 ( For selected artworks only- Place and details will be notified by email )


Selected Artwork will be showcased and be sold at Curious Teepee store at *Scape. More details on show dates/ sale procedures coming soon.

How to take part:-

Open to all who loves drawing -artists, doodlers, illustrators, hobbyists, students, register here asap:


Email us a clear 560x560pixel jpg latest by 10Feb 2359hrs. Submission of jpg does not guarantee acceptance.

Email to  >>>>  info “at” oicsingapore.com
Subject  “OOH Open House” artwork preview