Ray Toh’s Ideabook 2011

Hi All. I have just published a new book. Ray Toh’s Ideabook 2011. It’s a collection of 200 pages worth of sketches that i have done over the years in the hope to explore and experiment with ideas. The wonderful design is handled by Jasmine from You&Me.  You can drop by Parka’s Blog or Halcyon Realms for a preview on the book.  The book is already on sales in my online store. It’s priced at 32, but i will be selling it at 29.90 during the STGCC event. The event will happens this week , 20 to 21 August at Suntec Singapore. I will be having a booth there. Booth Number G24. Feel free to drop by. And unless anything happen, I should be dropping by Sept 9 for the OIC night portrait event to hang out. For any interested party, you can just drop me a mail and i can bring the book along.

One more thing that is happening during the STGCC event is, they are going to show Godaizer on Sat 20 Aug. 12pm to 12.30pm. Godaizer is an independent animation project by Hillary Yeo. I was involved with doing the concept art for him when i just started my freelance career, years ago. For anyone that may be interested on what the project is about, you can drop by Godaizer Facebook fanpage or Godaizer.com for more details. See you guys around during the STGCC event and OIC Night portrait event.