Hi all,

For the last saturday of the year, we will be having our sketchwalk along Orchard Road. This will be our chance to capture the christmas decorations before they come down. (christmas is still on considering there are supposed to be 12 days of it.) Here is the plan:

10AM- Meet outside ION’s entrance (where the colourful sculptures are. Facing Tangs)

1PM- Meet at Scape (outside Toastbox) We will either head for the basement or one of the higher floors of Scape
where we will have space for “show and tell”. Then we will have lunch around the area.

Weather report say that saturday will be stormy. But we will have plenty of shopping centres to hide in if it does. If you feel overwhelmed when you think of Orchard Road, too many things to draw, and the crowds, then think along these lines –

1. isolate smaller interesting things. eg, just one decoration or one shop.

2. Use the crowds to your advantage. You can hide among them to sneak a drawing of interesting people.

3. Go into and around the malls to explore and draw. Some interesting ones are ION (interesting curves inside and outside. Outside Prologue bookstore could be nice to draw), Lucky plaza (with a lot of maids on leave), Mandarin Gallery (they have nice big chairs to sit inside), Scape(interesting building design. Dance classes upstairs.), and youth park (across from Scape. it’s not a mall. but it could be interesting.) You could also capture buskers in the underground tunnels (between Tangs and ION. Between Lucky Plaza and Takashimaya.)

See you there!