Making of CLEAR Campaign

Hi Guys, I got some request on my process of creating a character. I tot of doing a simple show and tell.

First off, after getting a brief, I would usually create a series of loose sketches. It’s for me to get the feel and look of the campaign as well as to look into the kind of clothings being donned on the character. Pose is also another key factor as well as some gadgets depending on the setting.

Facial Expression / Head Studies

Adding some gadgets

Costumes approved. Pose studies

Final Confirmation from clients.

OK. Now for the coloring. Basically it’s done in 6 steps. From a sketch to a refined sketch. Flat colors. Add shadow. Detailing and more fine tuning. It’s the same process as THIS.


P>S: the main thing is always understand the reflectivity of flesh as compared to other materials. Basic 3D lightning fundamentals does apply to digital painting as well : ) peace, B