PORTRAITS AFTER DARK – Fri 7 September 2012, 7.30PM

Come draw with us, enjoy our good vibes and also the good music of MAAD Sounds!!

Try something new, new colours, new pen , new brush – Have fun and make crazy colourful art at PORTRAITS AFTER DARK people with the OIC crew! Let’s make it fun.  Bring a friend / soul mate / family member / pets and share this edition of “PORTRAITS AFTER DARK” with us! This is where you can meet the most interesting illustrators in Singapore and get your portraits drawn on a Friday night!

Twit and spread the word – @oicsingapore PORTRAITS AFTER DARK ( http://bit.ly/oicdark13 )

Registration for ARTIST – Register here! ( Click Link )

Are you an Artist / Illustrator or Doodler!? Come draw with us! Polish your drawing skills & catch up with your OIC buddies at the same time. Everyone gets 20 minutes to draw the “patron/ sitter” at the same time. You get $10 for each drawing sold . Make it PLAYFUL and COLOURFUL, all skill levels welcomed. OIC Portrait Day is about artists having fun and experimenting with new ways to capture an interesting image and making new friends? You don’t have to be an OIC member to take part but you have to register and please read the FAQ. Come and draw, make friends and spread good drawing vibes.

Artists Registration is S$10/- each

Posting your work for view & sale (compulsory ) is a sign of appreciation to the patron/sitter/poser .

Registration for SITTERS/ POSERS:

You want your Portraits drawn? Pose for us!! We will love to draw YOU!! Register here: http://bit.ly/xV5NrL (will be updated soon for September)

Posing is FREE, each artwork is S$10 available for purchase.  All proceeds goes to the artists.

Poster illustration contributed by our super helpful and humble Portrait After Dark participant – JF Koh. JF has been actively participating as a session co-ordinator and also our webmaster for many years. He has a purity of lines drawing style that I admire. JF works as a programmer and is a keen writer and drawer. ( See more of his writings and drawings here: http://www.jfkoh.com/ )