Life on a Ball

Life on a Ball is a small metaphorical arcade game about a guy who tries as hard as he can to balance on a ball while avoiding obstacles and discovering more parts of the story. Our game is now available in iTunes Sg store!

Art and illustration by Ann Gee.
Game design by Ori Takemura.
Developed by Dani Stojanov.
Music by Lorbus.

More pictures and development sketches after the break!

This is a really fun collaboration between Ori and I, we’ve been wanting to work on a game together and while we were throwing ideas around one day, I said “Why don’t we have a side-scroller where the guy balances on a ball while avoiding obstacles and pitfalls?” He, being an experienced gamer immediately said that would not work well because of the game mechanics; but we both liked the idea of having a game about a guy balancing on the ball and started to work on how it can be brought to life.

I started some sketches so that we can get a feel of the game style-wise and also character wise.
Doodles, doodles, doodles!

Rejected characters. These are just some of those that didn’t make it.

Here we were getting somewhere close to the final style that was used eventually.

The main character in his first incarnation:

We were using him for a while and were pretty happy with it. Then some little variations came along, and he became what he is today.

Then came along other characters, some made it into the game, some got changed a little bit, and some didn’t.

Then came the painful part – animation.

Here are some of the .gifs I used to test out the animation

and after all the animated sequences were done our developer Dani started to code and program it in [xo1934871] script thingy something and magically brought it to life. Lorbus composed the awesome music and sound effects.

This is what it looks like after everything came together and what you will see when you play the game.

Life on a Ball can be purchased on the iTunes store for SGD$1.28!