Another Day Another Adventure

“Another day, Another Adventure” print advertising campaign for MINI coupe required a series of 3 press ads, 1 pop-up giant book showroom display and a pop-up invite card. This series of artwork concept is inspired by the classic ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books. In each adventure scenes, the MINI coupe is the protagonist fleeing the catastrophe behind.


Self Portraits

Happy New Year everyone !  here are some  Self  Portraits from last year..all from life…hope you like it.


OIC at *Scape – Art Park / Art Wall WIP pixs


Process of illustration and model making for Garden Escapade display

Project : ‘A Penny For Your Tot’ – Collaboration , MessyMsxi & Mint Museum of Toys

‘A Penny for You Tot’ is an opportunity for children to get in touch with learning more about the history of Penny Toys and process of which they were made. This collaboration opens an opportunity for me to make craft and the stories of Penny Toys appealing for children, hopefully helping them to find a connection with handicraft and how Penny Toys were made and played.


Latest iPad Doodles

Some of my latest iPad doodles…..hope i didnt post too many in the same post

…pls let me know if i did,  will remove few  ( i wanted to post more though 😀 )

all are from used – Sketchbook Pro, Brushes, Artstudio with Boxwave stylus.


Shape of Things To Come


The Process – Vue Privée’s Maiko

Client: Vue Privée‘s Gallery

Brief: Aimed at capturing the elegance of Old Japan, seen through the lens of photographers living and working during the late Edo period (1872 – 1912). Using gallery owner’s private antique photos collection as inspiration.


Lord Vishnu (WIP)

“Little Mermaid”

This is a painting that I did for a friend. He’s a fisherman, and I have this idea that all fisherman love/hate mermaids 😛 This mermaid is based on John William Waterhouse’s painting of a mermaid in 1901.