OIC Portrait Day FAQ pdf updated- 2010/02/01

Contributors Listing FAQ

We are looking for new contributors and writers- do email us at “iwanttocontribute [at] oicsingapore.com” if you are interested in playing a part in making OICsingapore a more vibrant blog/ friendly community for illustrators and artists.
While most of our activities are open to anyone who is interested in drawing or illustrating- the Contributors list is strictly reserved for active OIC members who are contributors. The OIC committee reserves the right to add or remove artists from this list.

Posting rights is restricted to those members listed on the Contributors list only.

How can you play an active part in OIC?

  • write articles/ blog posts relating to illustration/ art ( history , techniques, workflow, review exhibitions )
  • Suggesting/ Organising/ Taking part in OIC activities
  • Encouraging and constructive Comments on fellow OIC posts
  • Posting what you find inspiring for Drawing/ Art/ Painting/ Comics
  • Any useful things that will be useful to illustrators/ Artists
  • Anything you learned as an artist/ illustrator
  • Recommend interesting artists to check out
  • Giving OIC feedback/ industry news/ media publicity & exposure
  • Posting your new work/ sketches

Who gets listed in the Illustrator’s list in the Contributor’s page?

  1. You are an active participant on OIC’s blog and activites
  2. You must be a published illustrator based in or from Singapore.
  3. You have shown good work consistently
  4. You maintain an uptodated folio site/ blog
  5. Artists will be invited to submit their folio/ web folio for review by the OIC commitee.

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