MMRB aka Momorobo @ Tiger Translate Sydney 2011

Momorobo (aka MMRB) was invited by Tiger Beer and Kult to be a part of Tiger Translate in Sydney. It’s a unique event which brings together international artists from both the East and West to work collaboratively on an artwork. Australia was represented by local artists Beastman, Numskull, Creepy, Phibs and Matt Stewart while the international contingent was represented by Singapore and Shanghai collective Momorobo (aka MMRB), Mongolian artist Lhagvaa Enkhbat, and South Korean artist Junkhouse.

We collaborated with emerging Mongolian artist Lhagvaa Enkhbat (who won the 2011 Tiger Translate competition in Mongolia) at Name This Bar in Sydney on a large scale wall mural a day before the Tiger Translate event. We did paste ups of our Tiger-inspired skyline illustrations while Lhagvaa filled the skies with Mongolian motifs.

On the official event itself, we went head to head with Babekuhl, a Sydney design collective with OHP Ping Pong, using old school overhead projectors, acetate and black markers. Each of us spent about 15-20min adding a layer of graphics onto each other’s work, whilst they were projected live onto a giant white wall for the crowds to witness. The result is a series of interesting, eye-catching collaborative pieces. In a day of digital innovations where computers are replacing pen and paper, it is refreshing to see old school technology charm a discerning young audience of creative people.

We really had a blast and definitely were thrilled to be a part of an event like this, meeting and collaborating with artists from lots of different locations and backgrounds. I’ll love to give a big shout out to Steve Lawler, Tanya Wilson from Kult and all at Tiger Beer for this amazing opportunity!

– Sally Zou (MMRB)

MOMOROBO (also known as MMRB) is a collective of creatives ( Sally, Morris, Eric and Terence ) based in Shanghai and Singapore and in their own words, “runs on Xiaolongbao and Hainanese chicken rice.” An analogue creative team, the crew have worked with likes of Nike, adidas Originals, and Tiger Beer, and their hyperactive design aesthetic and future thinking art and designs solutions see them as rising stars of the Shanghai creative scene, recently invited to be one of this year’s juries for New York Art Directors Club Young Guns. Their works are also featured in various offline and online publications such as Asian Graphics Now!, CNN Go, Vision Magazine, Dazed Digital, ComputerArts, Faesthetic and the Pictoplasma Character Encyclopedia.