Making of BAPE x Transfomers 3D Street Art

Recently I was commissioned to do a 3D art street mural for BAPE x Transformers collaboration so I thought I shall share some of my thought process and WIPs. The main concern for doing anamorphic perspective is basically the calculation. Having said that, I went down to the spot (Mandarin Gallery) and measured the size of the actual installation and how would the actual would look like.

Marking the spots and four corners.

Since it’s meant to be interactive, the proportion of a human figure has to be in sync with the illustrations. You can actually see some markings to indicate spots for posing shots. You can see from the next pic, my two lovely assistants, standing on those spots.

Marking the "posing" positions. Thanks, my lovely assistants for the day.

Ok moving on. I knew I had to create an illustration with a depth of feel. Did some research online and decided to go for the cityscape / looking down sort of thing. The following image is the final proposal, an important step: to assure the clients it’s gonna work. : )

Selling the idea.

Ok once the idea was approved. Time to get cracking. I came out with the lines and work closely with Studio Hive for the colors. The images are pretty self explanatory.

Black n White Lines

Flat Colors

More shading, the robots are pretty much there.

FA. Adding the FX and details.

Then, its off to the printers! Here’s the setup and final installation pics!

Pros @ work.

Must do swee swee.

And its a wrap!

Like to thank the Kwang Sia team for the support and chance to work with BAPE and Hasbro. Bucket list checked!The art installation will be @ Mandarin Gallery till 7 Nov. Hope you guys will find time and think of some interesting poses. If you have pics you like to share do email me @ You can instagram as well just #benqwek #bape #bapesg.  Hope y’all digg!