OIC Singapore featured in UNDERSCORE’s “Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase”

We are most delighted to be featured in this new book curated and published by the uber cool Underscore magazine about Singapore’s creative scene!

Thanks to all our participants, followers and supporters of our projects and portrait events- we have a good 6 year track record behind us and a massive collection of work and photos to show for it!

Though predominantly a volume about interesting design firms and designers it also featured many illustrators like – Andy Yang, Drewscape, Koh Hong Teng, Mighty Yellow, Jason Siew, Ben Qwek, Fleecircus, Imaginary Friends ( IFS ), Sokkuan, Twisstii, Kristal Melson, Zixi, Eeshaun, Speak Cryptic, Mindflyer and many more. Do check it out!

Creative Cultures  www.creative-cultures.com )

The Singapore Showcase is an Underscore special edition platform showcasing the works of Singapore’s creative disciplines through mediums of publication, film, website and exhibition, designed by Hjgher and curated by esteemed Japanese curator, Yoichi Nakamuta.

The publication features more than 100 Singaporean creatives, ranging from fields of art, design, music and photography, including architecture, interior, product, graphic, illustration, interactive, animation, fashion, art, photography and music.

The theme, Uncover was established for Singapore, describing the beginning of a creative culture that has grown over the years with little history, but a freedom and hunger for experimentation. The focus is on the future, rather than its history, that defines Singaporeʼs design culture as a work in progress, inviting greater things to come. Says editor-in-chief, Justin Long, “We have the freedom to be who we want to be. We hold the power to decide our own future, not only for ourselves, but for future generations to come.”

With an irreversible scratch-and-see gold hardcover, Underscore invites the reader to scratch and uncover an original curation of Singapore’s creative culture, with over 280 pages of visuals and interviews.

Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase publication is printed by Dominie Press and officially distributed in Singapore by BooksActually.

Underscore Magazine

Underscore is an independent magazine with thematic content attuned to a simple rhythm; quality of life. Conceived and designed by award winning studio Hjgher and published by H/Publishing, Underscore is a platform derived to underline or highlight simple values that are important but neglected in our everyday lives.

Held by the common intrinsic values of Authenticity, Quality, Integrity and Honesty, Underscore was developed specifically for the audience in mind, addressing media channels of traditional publishing, online media, product design and placement, and event exhibitions to communicate through all senses of the audience for a complete and fulfilling experience.

Another definition of underscore is background music. A carefully selected soundtrack accompanies each issue to complete the entire experience, and is available on the website for download.


Where to buy the book? At BooksActually ( and selected bookshops in Singapore)  and on line at http://underscoremagazine.com/creative-cultures.html