StarHub’s “Art Hub It” illustration by Mindflyer

Newspaper ad illustration for Singapore Repertory Theatre and StarHub’s “Art Hub It” program. Thanks to the wonderful team at DDB for commissioning me to work on this.

I love to draw surrealistic, colourful and intricate fantasy scenes and this collab project was just perfect and very fun. I have to pull myself away and stop adding details due to the tight dateline if not I can keep on drawing! 😀

Intitial sketches were done using paper, iPad and cleaned up in Photoshop. Final artwork was created using Photoshop.

stage 01 – 2 ideas were proposed.

stage 02 – Selected idea was refined and more ideas added to ensure drawing looks suitably intricate.

stage03 – Final drawing completed in Photoshop. Would love to draw the final lines using a proper dip pen but dateline was too short.

You can view more work at: /