Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day: 5 Oct 2013


The awesome 24-Hour Comics Day is happening again this year in Singapore!

If you’re interested in creating comics, you owe it to yourself to check out this fun and creative overnight event.  Participants challenge themselves to create 24 pages of comics within 24 hours.  Every year all over the world, thousands of artists and writers take part in this challenge on the same day.

The next Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day is coming up on Saturday, 5 Oct 2013, at LASALLE College of the Arts.  It’s gonna be a party and you’ll get to make friends with like-minded creators!

Many of the participants have become addicted and keep coming back every year to challenge themselves again, to share what they have learned from the previous year, and to better understand their creative process.

Registration is free but you have to provide your own art materials and meals.

Details and registration here:

Be sure the check out the Survival Guide and previous years’ 24-Hour comics on the website.

24-Hour Comics Day Spectator Edition: Spectators are welcome, but please be quiet and try not to disturb the participants!

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