OICsingapore’s new awesome logo by H55

Have you seen this? This is our new identity designed by H55! The 1st person to spot our new look was the super sharp eyed  – Yan Da, Creative Director / Curator at Do Not Design ( http://theartistandhismodel.com ).



I can still remember the day – 24th August 2013 when I received a text message and started corresponding with Hanson of H55 about this project. We were still busy with our preparation for our Moongrazing project/ Night Festival 2013 then. When he shared his idea of the new identity with us- we were very excited about it!

“The Organisation of Illustrators Council (or OIC as it is commonly known) logo designed by H55 is both functionally typographic and appropriately illustrative in its expression. The design allows for creative interaction and therefore is open for its participating members to express their individual identities or events through the logo; this being true to the significantly inclusive nature of OIC.”  Hanson Ho / H55 ( http://www.h55studio.com )

Since we started OIC in 2006 – we have a very guerilla-style attitude towards how we operate. Though we seek to promote professional illustration and to make illustrators known in Singapore, we do not want to appear stifling or boring and do it the old school way like a typical illustration society. All our graphic designs were “hacked” together as and when required – there was no “system”. Our well loved “OIC girl” drawn by our very own Twisstii ( http://www.twisstii.com ) in 2009 for our 3rd anniversary was created out of this dna.


What Hanson shared and designed for us was a “system”. A highly flexible and very very fun system that we feel represents OIC and what we have been doing for the past 8 years! Over the next few months – we will be adopting and stretching this “system” as we continue to do what we love doing- championing illustration and the love of drawing in SIngapore!

Thanks Hanson for this contribution and collab!