Elvin Ching’s Disney/Marvel Avengers Vs Ultron Trading Cards Set


Elvin Ching aka ” ZEROPOINTFIVE”

Illustrator and Storyboard Artist Elvin Ching is constantly hard at work trying to make cool visuals that are influenced by his love for comic books.

Elvin’s short stories have been published in the Eisner-nominated comics anthology Liquid City (Vol.2 & 3, Image Comics); and his artworks have been featured in various ads, portals, projects and events such as McDonald’s, Culturepush.com, Kult Magazine, Animax x OIC Manga Exhibition, No Approval art exhibition and the Pangu series of children’s comics (P3 Publishers).

He has recently completed a short stint assisting in conceptual designs for the upcoming science-fiction thriller film, Beyond Skyline (2015).

For this latest project- Elvin was commissioned by Marvel to contribute artwork for a set of promotional trading cards (Avengers versus Ultron) that were specially distributed at the Thailand Toy Expo 2015 in Bangkok. 

The brief:
– to propose and create a single illustration that could divide into 9 separate trading cards, with each card featuring a different character/s.
1) Research – This involved a lot of surfing to learn more about the existing characters in the illustration, particular visual guides and costume designs. Sometimes history of characters helped in understanding what I’m drawing.
2) Sketching Phase
I provided 3 different sketches as proposed layouts for the illustration.
3) Rough layout
Once the sketch was confirmed, I had to do a more detailed version. At this stage, care had to be taken to make sure each character was spaced correctly in each individual card without compromising the overall effect of the combined illustration.
(eg. of things to consider: pose of character must not repeat; each character must take up enough of each card space; proportions of characters in relation to each other etc.)

4) B/W artwork
With the detailed layout as a close guide, it was time to draw the linework properly and add details, expressions and shadows etc.
5) FInal artwork (coloured)
After the B/W artwork was completed, I scanned it in to clean it up and proceeded with the colouring phase which is the last phase to completing the illustration.
This was done in mini stages:
– layout out the correct colours (or colour blocking)
– rendering the details in tones and shades
– adjusting overall tone of illustration for cohesiveness/contrast

– adding special effects (eg. lightning and powers) to enhance the illustration.Hand in the work! 🙂


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