IAF Poster Highlights #04 : Interview with Teresa Lim

We’re a few hours away from IAF 2016, and today’s highlight is Teresa Lim ! ( Also known as Teeteeheehee )
Teresa is an OIC regular and multi-talented Illustrator. A LASALLE College of the Arts graduate, Teresa’s combination of skills in pattern design, embroidery and Illustration mixed with creative ideas and serious hard work has made her a creative powerhouse in our industry with over 62,000 followers on Instagram. Yet she remains humble and continues to work hard (making us look bad )- she conducts workshops, live illustration sessions, commissions for big fashion labels like Gucci, creates powerful personal projects that become overnight internet sensations, all this and teach violin classes ! She’s mad !

And here’s here poster :

OIC : Hi Teresa ! You’re huge on social media and taken on so many big jobs – Your style is instantly recognisable and you’re a huge inspiration to many since the last few years ! We are huge fans of your work. Who’s the biggest impact on your career ?

T : Hello, thank you for your kind words! Hmm, I don’t think there is only one person that has a big impact on my career, I strongly feel that its the many people I’ve met on this journey who has helped shaped me into who I am. When I was starting out, I would spend a lot of time reading magazines, reading about people who do amazing things,  I would be SO inspired and motivated by the end of the day. Its so important to surround yourself with people you look up to and inspire you.


OIC : Whats a typical day like for you ? and whens your favourite time to be creative.

T : A typical day for me starts at about 11 or so with replying emails and doing admin stuff like sending out quotations or drafts. The main bulk of the day is mostly spent outside meeting clients, teaching or  sourcing materials. But of course this doesn’t happen everyday, I’m glad it doesn’t …because given a choice, I would very much like to just stay at home to work on my projects. My favourite time to be creative is usually at night at about 8pm – 2am.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

OIC : You’ve done a landscape series when traveling the world, are there any other series that you think would interest you ?

T : Yes most of my works come in series. Right now I’m working on a series called The Twelve Rooms inspired by the different phases a young girl goes through whilst growing up.


OIC : I often think of you as someone in between the fashion world, the craft world and the Illustration world. Which do you feel most at home at ?

T : I feel most at home in the “Illustration World”. I’ve never felt like i belonged in the fashion world to begin with. The craft world to me,feels more like Martha Stewarts lets-sew-some-buttons-and-make-a-flower-pot-hooray-you-can-do-this you know… and I’d like to believe that I do more than just that. I am an illustrator, but one who uses fabric, threads and yarns (that are very commonly associated with craft) as my medium for my illustrations.


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OIC : Do you have any advice for aspiring Illustrators ? 

T : Yes, don’t say ” I am not talented enough” and that someone is more successful because he/she has more talent than you. Thats just an excuse that a lot of aspiring artists/illustrators use. If you want to succeed in the industry, to get out there… you need to work damn hard. Its quite simple, you either you want it or you don’t. You either put the effort and time in or you don’t. And that makes a lot of difference. Its not whether you have talent or not. Its how much you want it.

OIC : Wise words, thanks Teresa !

Check out more of Teresa at :
www.teeteeheehee.com | Facebook | Instagram @teeteeheehee

The Singapore Illustration Arts Fest is coming up in less a week – get your tickets quick! Leading up to the event, we will interview a lineup of awesome Illustrators who will be present at the event – Featuring the posters they have done ! So stay tuned ?

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