IAF Poster Highlights #05 : Interview with TYC

The crazy-fun IAF weekend is over ! But the Illustration events continue this week with the Singapore Writers Festival. We hope last weekend was fun for everyone who attended- vendors, guests, speakers,sponsors and organisers : Thank you for making this possible !  We continue the IAF Poster highlights with an Interview with TYC or Tell Your Children, a local studio of four rebellious creators – Deon , Lydia , Kevin & Russell. The guys and gal of TYC have been making waves in the street art/fashion and Illustration scene since their debut exhibition in 2014. They’ve worked with brands like MTV Asia and Facebook Singapore. Dan talks to the guys to find out more !


OIC:  Name a client that was a perfect fit for your lovely grunge alternative style, and please tell us more about it!

TYC: We’ve been fortunate to have had many clients coming to us specifically for our illustration styles and trusting us to make the final decisions. It’s hard to pick just one because there’ve just been so many!
The best part about projects are not only the smooth and organic working relationships during, but also the close friendships formed after.


OIC: All four of you are terrific illustrators in your own right, but does any friction arise when you work together as TYC? Tell us more about your team dynamic.

TYC: Friction is bound to arise naturally in relationships but it ultimately depends how we can all learn and move forward from there as a group. Friction is not necessarily a bad thing. Like how iron sharpens iron, friction helps the people involved to be more aware of their own shortcomings and how to be sensitive to others.

That being said, our team dynamic is rather collaborative, and constantly in flux. Roles within the four of us are constantly fluctuates and it differs from project to project. Communication is terribly vital and we make it a point to make sure everyone is constantly on the same page.

And like any good raiding party, we cover for each other in strengths and in weaknesses, and we share the spoils of war together.

OIC:  You draw for work and you draw for pleasure. How do you manage the tensions that arise between commercial projects and personal ones?

TYC: It’s always going to be a balancing act between what feeds the stomach and things that feed the soul. Its severely understated but we always make time to pursue our personal interests and goals be it as TYC or as individuals.

And to release said metaphorical tension, the age old 1 v 1 AWP or de-dust map ought to do the trick.


OIC:  Tell us about any personal projects that you’re doing now.

TYC: We’re currently in the midst of prepping our next exhibition titled ‘TRASHOLD’ in October which shows us dipping our toes into the realm of fashion and experimenting with making wearable art pieces. In this instance, we take on the mantle of Dr Frankenstein as we dissect, meld and breathe new life into preexisting contemporary wearables. Inclusive but not limited to denim pieces, canvas and cotton etc.
Also, we are constantly planning for more activities at our art space/gallery Far Out! so stay tuned for upcoming art jams, BBQs etc.

OIC: To date, what is the proudest work you have created as TYC?

TYC: Trick question. The bible clear says in Proverbs 16:5 “Everyone who is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord; Assuredly, he will not be unpunished”Thus, we do not know this ‘Proud’ emotion you speak of.Just kidding, we actually tend to not stay too attached to our previous works (think Tibetan monks Sand Mandalas). I guess you could say we are more proud of various milestones instead such as our first ever show in Jan 2014, our studio launch in May 2015, our Canada/US tour in Oct 2015 etc.


OIC:  You guys have taken TYC really far in such a short span of time and we know you’re just warming up! What is the direction of the collective now and where do you intend to take TYC in the future?

TYC: We plan to expand our skill set and constantly explore different ways of creative expression. In the future we plan to have TYC as the umbrella brand housing many other smaller creative ventures.

OIC:  You guys had some adventures overseas recently! Do share what you were up to in US and Canada!

TYC: We were on the hunt for the missing link and other curiosities in the wild woods of Saskatoon. To no avail unfortunately.

We ended up visiting various cities such as Portland, Los Angeles and New York over a span of 7 weeks, touching base with a lot of local creatives and communities searching for the answer to the question of ‘Is the grass greener on the other side?’

One thing we took away from our trip was that the local creatives over there are rather similar to us, facing the same struggles and issues we face back home in Singapore. Thus, it was easy to connect over a steady flow of good vibes and food. We’re all cut from the same cloth.


OIC: Any advice to give to our younger illustrators out there?

Always choose the fire Pokémon as your starter. Its gonna be difficult for the first couple of gyms but hard work always pays off when you’re roasting the competition later. #GEN1NEVERFORGET

Check out more of Tell Your Children at :
www.tycstudios.com | Facebook | Instagram @tellyourchildren

The Singapore Illustration Arts Fest continues at the Singapore Writers Festival. Get your tickets !