Draw with the flow at National Gallery 2016

Ever wondered what it would be like to collaborate with an illustrator on a drawing? Last weekend, as part of the first anniversary of The National Gallery Singapore, we had an amazing time making drawings with the Museum goers : a one-of-a-kind experience!

By starting the sketch with the tools provided, and letting our illustrators interpret and expand on it… the results of these audience and illustrator working together, really brought out some crazy creations and wonderful mish-mash of art styles !

Stay tuned for the next event ! We hope to see you there !


15392772_10154578680540664_3467466777619465465_o 15272199_10154578680525664_7124948948532098777_o 15288721_10154578636595664_903457014361433036_o 15289140_10154578621875664_2711388138185300455_o 15370084_10154575918935664_3820981410754779804_o 15259221_10154575878665664_117158181059074560_o 15369022_10154575944925664_5910681775115454263_o 15391438_10154578691625664_1470070521290829185_o 15369960_10154578652680664_6284309531578540388_o 15369235_10154578652410664_319082556360218296_o 15326129_10154577796640664_1998987567453102103_o 15369159_10154577720785664_5279108629920779019_o 15259266_10154575919105664_38010990348830161_o 15271891_10154573200000664_8056671115126808336_o 15289133_10154573200040664_3461222036300848164_o 15304191_10154573232650664_6214374574704195934_o

To see more photos from the event, see here. And a big thank you for those who made it down !