IAF Poster Highlights #04 : Interview with Teresa Lim

We’re a few hours away from IAF 2016, and today’s highlight is Teresa Lim ! ( Also known as Teeteeheehee )
Teresa is an OIC regular and multi-talented Illustrator. A LASALLE College of the Arts graduate, Teresa’s combination of skills in pattern design, embroidery and Illustration mixed with creative ideas and serious hard work has made her a creative powerhouse in our industry with over 62,000 followers on Instagram. Yet she remains humble and continues to work hard (making us look bad )- she conducts workshops, live illustration sessions, commissions for big fashion labels like Gucci, creates powerful personal projects that become overnight internet sensations, all this and teach violin classes ! She’s mad !


Tales to Share X OIC


This October will be OIC’s 10th anniversary and we’re kick-starting it with a series of events! We’ve partnered up with the library at orchard to bring you Tales to Share, a month-long interactive exhibition for the public to write their own stories.


Personal works by Mindflyer

These are works done mainly using Samsung Galaxy Note and posted on Instagram. Do follow me on Instagram if you like drawings like these – http://web.stagram.com/tag/mindflyer/?vm=grid (more…)

Quick Sketches By Fleecircus

It’s pretty normal that illustrator work late into the night to meet some urgent deadlines. I had lots of late nights last minute amendments on different projects lately. Even when i’m stuck with one project, i found i become more productive while waiting for large files to load/save. Here are some of the quick sketches i did. These are done rather quickly, taking faces from magazines, books for references. Practices like this helped me to stay focused, not to mention staying awake effectively!
It would be interesting to find out what are our fellow members do to stay sharp for late night deadline. 🙂


Italian painter Silvia Pelissero aka Agnes-Cecile

Watercolour time lapse video.
Actual artwork done in 1.5 hours.

Lilian Lee X OIC human 360º camera zoetrope




Tia’s Kopi ( Coffee ) demo

This is a video of Tia ( Urban Sketchers SG ) bringing her sketch to life with the help of some kopi/ coffee. ( Video by Don Low )

Don’t just drink it- you can paint with it!

Anitya I An experimental performance by The Observatory featuring Artist-Illustrator Andy Yang