IAF Poster Highlights #05 : Interview with TYC

The crazy-fun IAF weekend is over ! But the Illustration events continue this week with the Singapore Writers Festival. We hope last weekend was fun for everyone who attended- vendors, guests, speakers,sponsors and organisers : Thank you for making this possible !  We continue the IAF Poster highlights with an Interview with TYC or Tell Your Children, a local studio of four rebellious creators – Deon , Lydia , Kevin & Russell. The guys and gal of TYC have been making waves in the street art/fashion and Illustration scene since their debut exhibition in 2014. They’ve worked with brands like MTV Asia and Facebook Singapore. Dan talks to the guys to find out more !


IAF Poster Highlights #04 : Interview with Teresa Lim

We’re a few hours away from IAF 2016, and today’s highlight is Teresa Lim ! ( Also known as Teeteeheehee )
Teresa is an OIC regular and multi-talented Illustrator. A LASALLE College of the Arts graduate, Teresa’s combination of skills in pattern design, embroidery and Illustration mixed with creative ideas and serious hard work has made her a creative powerhouse in our industry with over 62,000 followers on Instagram. Yet she remains humble and continues to work hard (making us look bad )- she conducts workshops, live illustration sessions, commissions for big fashion labels like Gucci, creates powerful personal projects that become overnight internet sensations, all this and teach violin classes ! She’s mad !


IAF Poster Highlights #03 : Interview with Chris Chai

Christopher Chai  is a graduate with a BFA in Illustration from the School Of Visual Arts. Known across the land for his intense line work and patience. Since graduating he’s been working with local powerhouse – Kult, but now he’s gone full ronin in pursuit of perfect balance of black strokes and negative space. We traveled deep into the forests of Upper Thomson to meet Chris to discuss what keeps this mad man awake and drawing non-stop.


IAF Poster Highlights #02 : Interview with Esther Goh

Today’s Poster and Illustrator interview is the with very talented and award winning Esther Goh ! Esther has been making waves in the Illustration scene since transitioning into a independent Illustrator – we’ve been huge fans since. Her work on the Lien Foundation Annual Report with Agency Couple, was a stunning piece of comic art and a beautiful project with narratives that could only be brought to life with her illustrations. She’s worked with clients like Ikea, Esquire magazine and you definitely recognise her vibrant sushi illustrations for Maki-San ! We knew we had to have a chat with her to find out more ! ( editor note : this interview took place awhile back but it made sense to post it now together the amazing poster she’s done for IAF )


IAF Poster Highlights #01 : Interview with Adeline Tan

The Singapore Illustration Arts Fest is coming up in about a week – get your tickets ! Leading up to the event, we will interview a lineup of awesome Illustrators who will be present at the event – Featuring the posters they have done ! (We are really proud of these )


DrawForth Sharing Session 01

“DrawFORTH” A new series of talks for illustrators about taking charge of their own creations and venturing overseas. ( NOTE VENUE CHANGE- to *SCAPE’s ARENA Room, Level 5 )


Interview with Jing Hu at Ion Art Gallery

OIC artist Jing Hu has a series of paintings featured in the exhibition, “The Lust for Art”, curated by Art Fellas Gallery, running from 19 to 28 August 2015.  We catch up with her at the opening night of the show at Ion Art gallery. (more…)

Epigram x OIC talk about creating picture books in Singapore



“Quentin Blake: Inside Stories” exhibition at the House Of Illustration

Our friend designer Audrey Yang ( ) was in London at the right time – and was able to catch the inaugural show at London’s spanking new House Of Illustration ( ), “Quentin Blake: Inside Stories”.


Highlighting some self promo by our friends

As an illustrator or any creative entrepreneur, we must always try our best to be seen and heard. Self promotion is a very important part of our business!

Don’t wait for that lucky break- make it happen! Make your own opportunity or get together with a group of like-minded friends and get your project going! Here are some recent good ideas by some of our friends.