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Portraits After Dark: Friday 14 OCT 2016

Poster illustration contributed by our participating artist – Joeel Lee aka  Ejetc (


Portraits After Dark: Friday 8 Jul 2016

Poster illustration contributed by a participating artist
Happy 10th Anniversary to MAAD! Portraits After Dark is a monthly portrait event OIC have been running at MAAD since 2007! Think of it as a “community centre” for illustrators /artists of all skill levels to hangout, draw, know and inspire one another!
This event is only made possible because of the time / service contributed by busy illustrators/ friends / volunteers! (more…)

Portraits After Dark: Friday 8 Jan 2016


Poster illustration contributed by our friend  – the incredible Jason Siew
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Thanks for everything and RIP Mr Lee Kuan Yew 1923-2015

oic_lkyOur little tribute page ( ) to the founding father of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew with portraits contributed by some of our illustrators. Thanks Pat/ Goodstuph for this wonderful idea and for helping set this up so quickly!


Portraits of children and their aspirations

Late last year, we were commissioned by a charity to produce some portraits for the Trans Centre (a non-profit organisation for children from broken homes.)

The aim of the project was to help the children envision what they would like to be in future and drawing a portrait of them in their “dream role” to motivate them. The portraits were then presented to the children as small part of an aid package.


Look Ma, No Gun !