Zine Meet 2017.01 with PIXIN

We are pleased to announce our new collab with one of OIC’s pioneer artist PIXIN! This is a fun workshop to make Zines! Read the info, register and participate!


Elvin Ching’s Disney/Marvel Avengers Vs Ultron Trading Cards Set

Few recent works

Hello there,

just some personal works for the portfolio..hope you like it.


StarHub’s “Art Hub It” illustration by Mindflyer

Newspaper ad illustration for Singapore Repertory Theatre and StarHub’s “Art Hub It” program. Thanks to the wonderful team at DDB for commissioning me to work on this.

I love to draw surrealistic, colourful and intricate fantasy scenes and this collab project was just perfect and very fun. I have to pull myself away and stop adding details due to the tight dateline if not I can keep on drawing! 😀


Making of BAPE x Transfomers 3D Street Art

Recently I was commissioned to do a 3D art street mural for BAPE x Transformers collaboration so I thought I shall share some of my thought process and WIPs. The main concern for doing anamorphic perspective is basically the calculation. Having said that, I went down to the spot (Mandarin Gallery) and measured the size of the actual installation and how would the actual would look like.




Hot Date

My latest personal artwork.

Photoshop CS6 <>  Wacom Intuos3


Angry Bird

a sketch from life.

Photoshop CS6 <> Wacom Intuos3


纸上谈兵 (mere paper talk) for art of rebellion “workflow”


Dragon Theme Drawings

Client: Novus Media

Basic outines in Pencil
Colour with Photoshop